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Here at Wicked Good, we believe that candles are one of life's greatest affordable luxuries. That sums up our philosophy. 

Making Candles
You shouldn't be forced to mortgage your home, or offer up your first born child to be able to enjoy a quality candle. Nor should you be expected to sacrifice on scent or color when buying a candle.
Making Candles

We don't have chemists telling us what smells good. We experiment and test all our candles ourselves. If we aren't thrilled with the results, we won't sell it!

Our candles are long burning, wonderfully scented, and we never use lead wicks. Each candle is hand poured in our shop in Brooklin, Maine by Tamara, Johnson and Alex, so you know that you are getting a totally hand made product. We don't use machines; it is all done by hand.

We hope you enjoy burning our candles as much as we enjoy crafting them for you.

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